četrtek, 29. december 2011

Vicoteka 150#

Santa goes to your house, down your chimney, and watches you while you sleep and everyone adores him.

But I do it ONE time...

* * *

Facebook is the second most famous word which starts with an 'F' and ends with a 'K'.

* * *

Don't like your own Facebook status... that's like giving yourself a high five in public.

* * *

It has always been my dream to be a scientist... I'm even developing a new drug for lesbians with depression.

It's called Trycoxagain...

* * *

Can you let me know why Super Mario can smash through bricks... yet he dies when he touches a turtle?!

* * *

Dear Math, I liked you until you revealed you true meaning:

M ental
A buse
T o
H umans

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